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#!/usr/bin/env python
VERSION = "11.7"
VERSION_MAJOR_MINOR = ".".join(VERSION.split(".")[0:1])
APPNAME = "sshconf"
srcdir = '.'
blddir = 'build'
def set_options(opt):
def configure(conf):
conf.check_tool('compiler_cc vala gnu_dirs')
conf.check_cfg(package='glib-2.0', uselib_store='GLIB',
atleast_version='2.28.0', mandatory=True, args='--cflags --libs')
conf.check_cfg(package='gtk+-3.0', uselib_store='GTK+',
atleast_version='3.0.0', mandatory=True, args='--cflags --libs')
conf.check_cfg(package='gee-1.0', uselib_store='GEE',
atleast_version='0.6.0', mandatory=True, args='--cflags --libs')
def build(bld):
prog = bld(features='cc cprogram')
# name of the resulting program = APPNAME
# Sources to use
prog.source = ['sshconf.vala',
# libraries to link against
prog.uselib = ['GTK+', 'GLIB', 'GEE']
# Vala packages to use
prog.vapi_dirs = ['./']
prog.packages = ['gtk+-3.0', 'gee-1.0', 'glue']
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