User scripts

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Have you made a script? Add it to this page in alphabetical order, together with a very short description and a link to where one can read more and download it.

Important note before using

All of the scripts on this page are submitted by users. It's up to you to read the source before actually using them.

Script name Description Link
Bookmarks Minimal bookmark manager Link Search your book collection Link
buku_run Frontend for buku bookmarks manager Link
clerk mpd client Link
dofi UI for Link
Emoji-Picker A simple emoji picker Link Display all repositories connected with a GitHub user account and clone selected Link Jump to workspace Link
Kaomoji Rofi A simple kaomoji picker Link
menu-calc A calculator Link Switch monitor layout Link
nmcli_rofi A rip of nmcli_dmenu Link
rofi-blezz A plugin for rofi that emulates blezz behaviour Link
rofi-calc an interface to qalc calculator Link
rofi-fontawesome fontawesome icon list Link
Rofi-Ico-Finder Find quickly font awesome characters Link
rofi-lpass Copy passwords from your Lastpass vault Link
rofi-mpc Fast graphical Rofi-Interface for contolling MPD Link
rofi-mpd Interact with the music play daemon Link
rofi-pass Handle Simple Password Store Link
rofi_notes Tiny script for managing notes Link
teiler Create screenshots and screencasts and upload to remote server Link Search the web by selecting a website and providing a query Link
rofi-wal-theme-switcher Script for choosing background images for theme generation with pywal Link
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