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Online artwork combining personal accounts with space weather
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Personal Space

Dave and Fania Everitt, with Alice Tuppen-Corps

An online artwork extracting individual diary entries containing words selected according to the intensity of live space weather data.

The text

For the initial stages of TETTT, 22 daily “prompts” in the form of keywords and phrases encouraged participants to write regular accounts of their life experience.

The text on the screen is continually refreshed from over 500 of these intimate accounts and recollections.

The space weather

The central panel shows two measures of live “space weather”:

  • intensity of geomagnetic activity: the Kp index
  • extent of the solar wind: in AU (Astronomical Units)

These are used to filter the text and modify the display in real time.

The nine panels

These are refreshed according to the numerical order of the Chinese mathematical “magic square” of three, known as the Lo-Shu, historically used to lend order to cultural activities.

This provides a connection between the impersonality of space weather and the very personal narratives. The central panel—usually allocated to “Earth”—displays live space weather, the colour of the rotating sun reflecting its current intensity.

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