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Pico Sitemap

PicoXMLSitemap is a Pico 1.0-compatible plugin used to automatically generate a valid xml sitemap.


  • Place the PicoXMLSitemap.php into your plugins directory.

  • Browse to or if you have mod_rewrite enabled.

  • Take a break, your work is done!


  • You can also place $config['PicoXMLSitemap.enabled'] = false; in your config/config.php to disable the plugin.

  • The Date: YAML header in your .md files, and $config['date_format'] in your config/config.php should match. The plugin will encode this date to be be in W3C Datetime format. This format allows you to omit the time portion, if desired, and use YYYY-MM-DD.

    For more information see: