A GTD apptlication written in python-efl
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A GTD (todo) application written in python-efl.

Edone is fully compliant with the Todo.txt specifications, this basically means that your todo items are stored in a simple and readable text file and that you can use any other compliant client to read/edit your tasks.

See the Todo.txt website for more info, or the File Format Specifications if you are intrestend in the details.



  • Todo.txt compliant
  • Great view flexibility: sorting and grouping of tasks
  • Customizable colors for +projects and @contexts
  • Additional notes for tasks (custom tag note:XXX.txt)
  • Additional completion progress for tasks (custom tag prog:XX)

Usage tips

  • To added new +Project or @Context just type them in the task, prefixed by the + or the @ symbol.
  • You can change the color of tags clicking on the small colored rectangle.
  • Select one ore more +Project or @Context in the side lists to filter the tasks.
  • Double-click a task to edit.
  • Right-click (or longpress) a task to change it's properties.
  • Put your Todo.txt file in your Dropbox folder to keep your tasks in sync with other device/apps.


  • Fix fileselector when selected file not esists
  • Click on Menu should close the menu (if yet opened)
  • Reload side lists when edited done
  • Safe window close (ask to save)
  • Remeber view button status (all,todo,done)
  • Sort by priority
  • Group by tags
  • Task deletion
  • Start/Due dates
  • Tags colors
  • GUI way to edit tasks properties (todo/done, prio)
  • Edit tasks inplace`
  • DND tags-on-tasks and tasks-on-tags
  • Notes for tasks
  • Attachments for tasks
  • Task completion progress


  • Python 3.2 or higher
  • Python-EFL 1.18 or higher
  • python modules: efl, xdg


  • For system-wide installation (needs administrator privileges):

(sudo) python setup.py install

  • For user installation:

python setup.py install --user

  • To uninstall:

python setup.py uninstall

  • Install with a custom prefix:

python setup.py install --prefix=/MY_PREFIX

  • To create distribution packages:

python setup.py sdist


GNU General Public License v3 - see COPYING