Python EFL git interface
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now egitu should work also if installed in:

EFL Git user interface


  • Draw the DAG of the repo
  • View the diff of each revision
  • Edit repository description
  • Powerfull branches management
  • Clone local or remote repository
  • Stage/unstage files
  • Commit staged changes
  • Revert commits (optionally autocommit the revert)
  • Cherry-pick commits (optionally autocommit)
  • Push/Pull to/from the remote repository
  • Merge any local branch in the current one
  • Powerfull Compare tool.
  • Discard not committed changes (checkout or reset --HARD)
  • Add/Remove/Checkout Tags
  • Stash management
  • Manage repository remotes
  • Review/Edit all git commands before execution (for advanced users)
  • Cool Gravatar integration



  • Python 2.7 or higher
  • Python-EFL 1.13 or higher
  • python modules: efl, xdg


  • For system-wide installation (needs administrator privileges):

(sudo) python install

  • For user installation:

python install --user

  • To install for different version of python:

pythonX install

  • Install with a custom prefix:

python install --prefix=/MY_PREFIX

  • To create distribution packages:

python sdist


GNU General Public License v3 - see COPYING


  • Blame
  • Undo commits (git reset --soft HEAD~1 ??)
  • Improve branches dialog with more branches info