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The Emotion Media Center

EpyMC is a Media Center application written in python that use the Enlightenment Foundation Library as the living base. The software is Open Source and multiplatform, it should work on every platform, as soon as you have installed the EFL and its python bindings. Thus at the moment the target platform is linux as all the delopment and testing is done on it.


More screenshots and screencasts can be found on the wiki.


All the released versions can be obtained from here.


Installation and usage instructions can be found on the wiki.


You can contribute to the development of EpyMC in a lots of different ways, the simple one is to use the program and report any problem using the integrated issue tracking of github.

Another important task to be done is the translation of the app in your language, making a translation is relly easy and will not take much time, see the wiki for detailed instructions.

If, instead, you are a developer and want to contribute with some code just fork the repo and perform some pull requests. If you are going to implement a new feature I strongly suggest to contact me before start any development, so that we can discuss the better way to implement what you have in mind.