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This is a repo of Azure icons wrapped in libraries to be easily imported in the application (formerly These icons are sourced from the amazing Azure & Microsoft SVG Icon Collection by @benc-uk.

Ben's description of the collection:

The icons are mainly Azure related but there are various other brands and logos plus abstract/generic symbols. Many overlaps exist between the three main Azure icon sets, this expected, but each set also has unique icons hence their reason for inclusion. Condensing down to one merged super-set would be a huge undertaking.

You can simply click on the URLs below to open the application with the libraries already open, or you copy and paste the URLs to the libraries in the 'Open library from URL' dialog.

I also wrote a blog post on this subject!

Links to open the application with the library already open:

Click here to open with the essential libraries.
Click here to open with all of the below libraries (this will take a minute to load in the app, give it some time!).

Links to the raw library files, to add them to the application manually:

Azure Icon Set
Azure Docs
Azure Cloud Design Studio Set
Azure Patterns A-C
Azure Patterns D-L
Azure Patterns M-S
Azure Patterns T-Z
Azure & Microsoft misc
Logos & Brands

Ownership & Copyright

I do not attribute ownership to any of these icons & images. No copyright infringement is intended. All files have been sourced and scraped from the public internet and various Microsoft sites. They are collected here under fair use. Microsoft permits the use of these icons in architectural diagrams, training materials, or documentation. You may copy, distribute, and display the icons only for the permitted use unless granted explicit permission by Microsoft. Microsoft reserves all other rights. Don’t crop, flip or rotate icons. Don’t distort or change icon shape in any way. Don’t use Microsoft product icons to represent your product or service.


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