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Codeception is new PHP full-stack testing framework. Inspired by BDD, it provides you absolutely new way for writing acceptance, functional and even unit tests. Powered by PHPUnit 3.6.

In a Glance

Describe what you test and how you test it. Use PHP to write descriptions faster.

Run tests and see what actions were taken and what results were seen.

Sample acceptance test


$I = new TestGuy($scenario);
$I->wantTo('create wiki page');
$I->see('New Page');
$I->submitForm('form#new_page', array('title' => 'Tree of Life Movie Review','body' => "Next time don't let Hollywood create arthouse!"));
$I->see('page created'); // notice generated
$I->see('Tree of Life Movie Review','h1'); // head of page of is our title
$I->seeInCurrentUrl('pages/tree-of-life-mobie-review'); // slug is generated
$I->seeInDatabase('pages', array('title' => 'Tree of Life Movie Review')); // data is stored in database

Ok, as for unit test similar approach may seem weired, but... Take a look at this:

Sample unit test

class UserControllerCest {
    public $class = 'UserController';

    public function createAction(CodeGuy $I)
        $I->haveFakeClass($userController = Stub::makeEmptyExcept('UserController'));
        $I->executeTestedMethodOn($userController, array('username' => 'MilesDavis', 'email' => 'miles@davis.com'))
            ->seeMethodInvoked($userController, 'renderHtml')
            ->seeInDabatase('users', array('username' => 'MilesDavis'));

Anyway, If you don't really like writing unit tests in DSL, Codeceptance can run PHPUnit tests natively.


Documentation on Github

Documentation is currently bounded with project. Look for it in 'docs' directory.



Install latest PEAR package from GitHub:

pear channel-discover codeception.com/pear
pear install codeception/Codeception


Download codecept.phar

Copy it into your project. Run CLI utility:

php codecept.phar

Getting Started

If you sucessfully installed Codeception, run this commands:

codecept install

this will install all dependency tools like PHPUnit and Mink

codecept bootstrap

this will create default directory structure and default test suites

codecept build

This will generate Guy-classes, in order to make autocomplete works.

See Documentation for more information.



(c) Michael Bodnarchuk "Davert" 2011