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A lightweight symfony CMS for project where you don't need one. In your projects you always need static pages: About, Terms, Privacy, etc. Symfony makes it's easy to create simple CMS from scratch. This plugin saves your time on code generation and creating a schema.


  • Saves time on common task
  • Generates a static page routes, which are just '/page-name'
  • Contains admin module
  • Page has only 2 fields: title and body
  • Easily can be ported to the project and be extended.


  • Symfony 1.3-1.4
  • Doctrine


  • Put this plugin into /plugins folder
  • Enable plugin in ProjectConfiguration
  • Activate module 'content' for frontend
  • Activate module 'contentAdmin' for backend
  • Remove route '@default_index', that symfony has by default. Now a routes like '/page' will work

If you need you can create your own content module. Right now it only has a 'Show' action.

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