Vue directive to detect resize events with deboucing and throttling capacity.
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Vue directive to detect HTML resize events based on CSS Element Queries with deboucing and throttling capacity.


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Typical usage


Use this option when you need to receive all the resize events.

<div v-resize="onResize">


Use throttle when you need to rate-limit resize events frequency.

  • With default timeout (150 ms):
<div v-resize:throttle="onResize">
  • With custom timeout (in ms):
<div v-resize:throttle.100="onResize">


Use debounce when you only need to be notified when resize events ends.

  • With default timeout (150 ms):
<div v-resize:debounce="onResize">
  • With custom timeout (in ms):
<div v-resize:debounce.50="onResize">


  • Available through npm:
 npm install vue-resize-directive --save
  • For Modules
// ES6
import resize from 'vue-resize-directive'
export default {
    directives: {
// ES5
var resize = require('vue-resize-directive')
  • For <script> Include

    Just include Vueresize.js after ResizeSensor.js from css-element-queries and lodash.js script.