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component plugin for vue-cli


│   README.md
│   LICENSE (optional)
│   ├── index.js
│   └───components
│       └───Mycomponent.vue
    ├── App.vue
    ├── main.js


  • Adjust build script to only build the component. Use serve script to serve a demo page.

  • Create a prepublishOnly script to run the build(s) before publishing the component

  • Update README.md with component information

  • Optional

    • Automatically document the component with vue-styleguidist and vuedoc.md .

    • Create a license file for the project

    • Add projects badges


Use build to build the component

npm run build

Use serve to serve the application example in the example folder

npm run serve

When using vue.doc

Use doc:build to update the API section of README.md with generated documentation

npm run doc:build

When using vueStyleguide

Use styleguide to run style guide dev server

npm run styleguide

Use styleguide:build to generate a static HTML style guide

npm run styleguide:build



  • componentName: the name of the component.

  • useVueStyleguidist: true to install vue-styleguidist, default: true

  • useVueDoc: true to install vuedoc.md, default: true

  • addLicense true to add a License file to the project, default: false

  • licenseName type of the license file to create, default: MIT

  • copyrightHolders Project copy holders, used when creating the license file.

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Installing in an Already Created Project

vue add component

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