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Raspberry Pi Video/Camera Streaming Server

This is a demonstration for low latency streaming of the Pi's camera module to any client that can read raw h264 video streams via TCP Sockets (such as David-Development/raspberrypi-camera-android-client) The development of this project was inspired by some of the ideas from the great waveform80/pistreaming project.


Firstly make sure you've got a functioning Pi camera module (test it with raspistill / raspivid to be certain). Then make sure you've got the following packages installed:

sudo apt-get install libav-tools git

Next, download the repo, install the dependencies and run the server

# clone repo
git clone
cd raspberrypi-camera-server/

# Install python3 / pip3 (if not already installed)
sudo apt-get -y install python3 python3-pip

# install dependencies
python3 -m pip install picamera
python3 -m pip install git+
python3 -m pip install psutil

# start server