Printable module for modular robots
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Symmetric module for modular robots.

Version 2.1

More information about REPY-2 module on:

This module was part of my Bachelor's Thesis work:

More information about Juan Gonzalez-Gomez's work on


  • 1.Printing instructions
  • 2.Developing / customizing REPY-2.0
    • 2.1. Dependencies
    • 2.2. Compiling
    • 2.3. Doxygen documentation
    • 2.4. More info
  • 3.Version log
  1. Printing instructions

Ready-to-print stl files can be found in the stl folder. Choose them accordingly to the servo and horn to be used.

Not all of them have been printed and tested. At this moment only the following ones are validated:

  • REPY-2.0 for Fake Futaba 3003s servo: lower part and rounded, 4-arms and 6-arms horns.
  • REPY-2.0 for Tower Pro sg90 servo: lower part and 2-arms horn.

If you print one that is not in the list of validated ones, please let me know if it works or not, to fix the file or add it to the list.

  1. Developing / customizing REPY-2.0

2.1. Dependencies

For compiling and obtaining the .scad files the Object Oriented Mechanics Library (OOML) for C++ is needed. You can download and install it from here:

For obtaining the stl files from the .scad files, OpenSCAD is needed. You can find it here:

2.2. Compiling

  • Edit the file "CMakeLists.txt" to include the path to the OOML include directory.For example, in my system this path was "/usr/include/ooml".

  • Open a terminal, go to the REPY-2.0 directory and build it using cmake:

      $ mkdir build
      $ cd build
      $ cmake ..
      $ make 
      $ make install

Notice that for the installation you won't need to be superuser, as it is installed in a directory called 'bin' in the REPY-2.0 folder.

  • Execute the program REPY-2.0, that will create the openscad files and, optionally, the stl files for the REPY-2.0 module.

2.3. Doxygen documentation

Doxygen documentation can be found on Doxygen documentation.

2.4. More info

Info about the current version of the module (REPY-2.1) can be found here

More info for developers can be found on the d-Squared:robotics wiki.

  1. Version log

  • Version 2.1 (thesis): added side connectors to the modules, dimensions fixed.
  • Version 1.1 (release): module fixed and tested.
  • Version 1.0 (prototype): module finished and tested, but needs some fixes.
  • Version 0.9 (pre-release): module finished, but not tested yet.