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@David-JonesDVN David-JonesDVN released this Aug 13, 2019 · 1 commit to dev since this release

Added: Selected patches list to show the order of installed patches.
Added: Touhou 17 support.
Added: Dependency search for patches.
Changed: You can now resize the window to smaller size than default. (buggy at the moment)
Changed: Updates to the patch repositories are shown in real time.
Fixed: Appdata/Replay folder being undetectable.
Fixed: Infinite loop when searching for thcrap repositories.
Fixed: local repositories having higher priority than thcrap.

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@David-JonesDVN David-JonesDVN released this Apr 17, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Added: thcrap Profile Editor. Lets you select patches from a list and configure the game list manually. The repository search starts at a configurable Url. Offline-only builds will also be released without this feature from now on.
Added: Customizable text color for buttons + the ability to disable the text or banner entirely.
Added: Saved states for the random games list.
Changed: Custom game categories no longer save their key name in the config (hopefully since they are no longer needed).
Changed: The File Select Dialog will now start from the last place a file was selected.
Changed: Custom banners now stretch to fit the button.
Changed: The settings in the settings tab will now only save when switching tabs or closing the program.
Fixed: Background pictures for games being one pixel off.
Fixed: Double Dealing Character typo.
Fixed: Custom banner checkbox not saving.
Fixed: Tab order for the controls.
Fixed: Tray icon's custom games list adding games to their parent category.
Fixed: Not changing the name while renaming custom games/categories would result in an error.
Fixed: Adding the same custom game multiple times. (As long as the path is the exact same)
Fixed: Expanding/Collapsing a custom game category deselecting it.
Fixed: thcrap's files appearing in the launcher's directory.
Fixed: Hisoutensoku and Double Spoiler having the wrong numbers.
Fixed: The banner size label not showing up on the configuration form.
Fixed: Smaller buttons will now show a tooltip with the full text when translated text does not fit in them.
Optimized code
Optimized resources. Should reduce file size by 1.40MBs
Updated localization files.
Again, I'm keeping this in Pre-hell until I get actual testers and finish the Japanese translation.

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@David-JonesDVN David-JonesDVN released this Mar 6, 2019 · 41 commits to master since this release

Added: Replay downloader.
Added: Tray icon including minimization to tray and always-on tray settings. Can be used to launch any game set up in the program.
Added: thcrap directory setting.
Added: Confirmation dialog when removing custom categories/games.
Added: Drag/drop support to Neko Project II and thcrap's directory settings.
Added: Support for IaMP's Config.exe
Added: Complete localization support.
Added: Russian language support. (courtesy of Lensrub)
Changed: Game configuration dialog shows which game you're configuring.
Changed: Normal buttons no longer use the hand cursor.
Changed: The configuration form always shows at the center of the main window.
Changed: Switched to the DD/MM/YYYY format.
Changed: Custom banner group box now shows the supported dimensions.
Changed: thcrap support is now handled through dropboxes with the name of the game and the configuration files.
Fixed: Unformatted localization strings.
Fixed: PC-98 games giving two messageboxes per error.
Fixed: Possibility of Neko Project II's directory not being saved.
Fixed: Colored banner throwing an exception when editing it manually.
Fixed: Custom banner checkbox and text box not saving when the latter is edited manually.
Fixed: Previously filled textboxes being re-filled.
Fixed: Randomizer select buttons are symmetrical and fit more text.
Fixed: The random button stretching by resizing the window.
Fixed: IaMP's text color being black for some reason.
Fixed: Background pictures for games being one pixel off.
Fixed: Double Dealing Character typo
Updated localization files.
Code reorganization

I'm keeping this in pre-release hell until I get an acceptable tester sample size and finish the Japanese translation.

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@David-JonesDVN David-JonesDVN released this Feb 11, 2019 · 57 commits to master since this release

Added: Actual launch code for PC-98 games (How did I forget that).
Added: Drag/Drop support for game configuration.
Changed: Launching PC-98 games now simply replaces the hdi directory instead of the entire ini file.
Changed: Invalid textboxes turn red instead of giving you a message box/not doing anything.
Fixed: PC-98 games not saving their status immediately.
Fixed: Manually adding banners now checks if the image is valid/openable.

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@David-JonesDVN David-JonesDVN released this Feb 11, 2019

Touhou Launcher Beta v0.5
Initial Release

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