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  • update function now takes a mutable ref of the model. (Breaking)
  • Update (update's return type) is now a struct. (Breaking)
  • Async, etc events are now handled through messages, instead of passing App through the view func. (breaking)
  • Fixed some bugs with empty elements
  • Internal code cleanup
  • Added commented-out release command to example build files
  • Added more tests


  • Routing can be triggered by clicking any element containing a Href attribute with value as a relative link
  • Internal links no longer trigger a page refresh
  • Models no longer need to implement Clone
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.2.9 for select elements


  • Added a RenderThen option to Update, which allows chaining update messages
  • Added a .model method to Update, allowing for cleaner recursion in updates
  • Improved controlled-comonent (sync fields with model) logic


  • Reflowed El::from_html and El::from_markdown to return Vecs of Els, instead of wrapping them in a single span.
  • Improved support for SVG and namespaces
  • Added set_timeout wrapper


  • Fixed a bug where line! macro interfered with builtin
  • Fixed a bug with routing search (ie ?)


  • Fixed a bug where children would render out-of-order
  • Improved vdom diffing logic


  • Attributes and Events now can use At and Ev enums
  • Routing overhauled; modelled after react-reason. Cleaner syntax, and more flexible.
  • Input, Textarea, and Select elements are now "controlled" - they always stay in sync with the model.
  • index.html file updated in examples and quickstart to use relative paths, which fixes landing-page routing


  • Changed render func to use a new pattern (Breaking)
  • Default mount point added: "app" for element id
  • View func now takes a ref to the model instead of the model itself
  • Routing refactored; now works dynamically
  • Update function now returns an enum that returns Render or Skip, to allow conditional rendering (Breaking)
  • Elements can now store more than 1 text node.


  • Fixed a bug where initially-empty text won't update
  • Added more tests
  • Exposed web_sys Document and Window in top level of Seed create, with .expect
  • Modified build scripts to keep the wasm output name fixed at 'package', simplifying example/quickstart renames
  • Tests now work in Windows due to update in wasm-pack


  • Overhaul of fetch module
  • Added server-integration example


  • Added support for custom tags
  • Added class! and id! convenience macros for setting style


  • Added high-level fetch api
  • Added routing
  • Added element lifecycles (did_mount, did_update, will_unmount)
  • Added support for updating state outside events
  • Added server_interaction, and homepage (this site) examples


  • Initial release
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