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Visio remains to this day an industry standard for the depiction of IT infrastructure from both a conceptual and design perspective, over the years I have built diagrams using Visio stencils created by Microsoft and the IT Tech community to convey my ideas accurately and effectively as design documentation.

Over a year ago I set out to locate current, up to date and relevant Visio stencils for Azure with the intent on building reference architecture patterns for Azure services that could be used as templates for design material. Unfortunately my search came up short and I found that Microsoft had shifted from providing Visio stencils in favor of more application generic Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) icons for Azure services and configuration items.

SVG's can easily be imported into Visio and due to the file format supporting raster scaling with no loss of image quality these icons work great. The issue however when working with Visio is that functionality wise these icons are tedious to work with. Some examples of what I mean: -

  • No connection points (when you draw a line from icon A to icon B, Visio will either attach the line to the icon edge or the center)
  • No properly positioned text field (when adding descriptive text to the icon Visio will place the text at the center of the icon, requiring manual repositioning)
  • Import size is dependent on the source SVG view box and scale (depending on the source file, when it is dropped onto a drawing it may need to be down\up sized to match the scale of other icons)
  • Lack of programmability (having icons in a stencil allows you to leverage PowerShell or other languages to programmatically draw diagrams)

With these limitations and the lack of standardized up to date stencils I set out on a personal mission to build my own functional, relevant and as up to date as possible Visio stencil for anyone to use. With permission (and the only caveat that I maintain an up to date collection) from the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise team to build an icon collection based on the publicly available icons, I built a fully programmatic method to build a stencil collection using SVG's as the source icons.

My process and methodology

Project ultimate goal

Function > Ease of use > Form

This is my driving factor behind this project. I know that others prefer drawing tools such as but Visio offers an amazing amount of capability from a programmatic perspective. Icons need to not just be pretty images, they need technical function with the ability to be used easily. Proper stencil objects with pre-defined mathematically perfect placed connection points make drawing by hand or script so much easier. The icon itself although important is third on my priority list and will always remain so. I want these stencils to be as useful as possible while maintaining the relevance and breath of Azure services.

First a bit of history for this project

I started with a collection process, gathering as many useful and up to date SVG icons as possible and collating them in a folder with a descriptive naming convention and classification. I initially started by dragging an icon onto the Visio drawing canvas and then adding in connection points for North, East, South and West of the icon and moving the text box to the bottom of the icon. After that I scaled the icon using a guide background box to be either 20mm wide or 20mm high before dropping it into my stencil and entering in it's service name.

Now I am pretty good at performing mundane repetitive operations like this and with a few key bind mappings\macros on a gaming mouse I was able to process each icon in around 45 seconds. Problem was that I had 300 plus icons to work through. Initially I just sucked it up and processed each one manually, after just under four hours and at least 3,600 mouse clicks, I had a functional stencil.

However things started getting messy when Microsoft updated a huge collection of Azure Service icons a short while after I was finished that made my version irrelevant. So I looked for a better way to build this stencil, as I knew that that Microsoft would forever be adding new services to Azure and or refreshing current service icons (which is a good thing by the way!) and I just did not have the time or energy to perform a few thousand mouse clicks after each version update.

My method of building

Enter PowerShell and the Visio COM application method. If you review my version history below you will see that this project has evolved significantly since I started and I have built a full import and conversion process that performs the following.

  1. Scans a build directory for SVG's and sorts a list of icons by name
  2. Launches Visio as a COM application and performs a page drop for the SVG
  3. Gets the current width and height of the icon and scales up or down until either the width or height of the icon is 20mm
  4. Adds Shape data placeholders to support adding metadata when using PowerShell to enumerate Azure resources such as ResourceID for example
  5. Adds connection points to the icon (North, East, South, West, South of Textbox, North East, South East, South West and North West)
  6. Adds a slight drop shadow to the icon
  7. Repositions the default text field to the bottom of the icon
  8. Drops the icon into the main stencil and another copy into the by category stencil
  9. Adds metadata to the stencil master such as Name, Hover, Search (Including the category and icon name)
  10. Imports my drawing tools from a stencil
  11. Sorts all of the imported icons into a grid for inspection and then export to PNG as a visual index for the stencil content
  12. Exports out a high resolution PNG and SVG version of the now re-scaled icon for use in other applications
  13. Saves everything to my GitHub Repo staging folder

With this process I can build and re-build over and over again in minutes and this allows me to keep this collection up to date and focus on adding more functionality.

SVG image of the current full stencil content


Some example images to show stencil functionality: -

Source SVG files

This is where I pick up the source SVG Files, using an _ as a delimiter this allows me to classify the type of icon for the grouping process.


Connection points

Exact connection points relative to the center of the icon


Connection point usage

Easily connect to and from the icon in multiple directions


Shape Data

Coming soon, super awesome programmatic diagram creation. Enumerating resources from Azure and then populating the resources into Visio and adding the relevant metadata to the shape. This unlocks a massive initiative I am working on which is a reverse of this. Design in Visio, add Azure metadata and then push the deployment to Azure via PowerShell.



If you would like to support my development or just say thank you! Then check out my Sponsorship page:-

Stencil Usage

Download only what you need or the entire collection using the links below.

Option 1 - Download the single stencil file that contains all of the icons and drawing tools

Option 2 - Download the latest full ZIP package containing all stencils, PNG and SVG versions.

Option 3 - Download just the category stencil files that you need

Option 4 - Don't use Visio?

You also have the PNG and SVG versions of the Icons, they have been scaled the same way as the stencil and can be used in other applications.


Download the stencil(s) and save to your "My Shapes" folder (normally under "C:\ Users \ %YourUserName% \Documents \My Shapes")


Special note on Search

A few versions ago I added search metadata to each icon, this was a massive feature add and really tricky to work out via the Visio COM. However after publishing this update I received heaps of feedback that search was not working. I posted a Twitter poll about this and surprisingly 50% responded that search was working!

This is a quirk of Visio going back to 2007 and I figured out the right combination of settings that "should" work for you.

First, ensure that your Windows Search service is actually running

Next, ensure that your Windows Indexing settings for VSSX files is enabled to index content as below.


Next, ensure your Shapes folder is enabled for indexing.


Next, ensure that Visio has the following setting under Shape Search to match on any word


Finally, and this was the main showstopper for many. Visio will only provide results if the Stencil is in English (United States) locale AND (This is the important bit) if you open a new document using US Units of measure then you will receive search results! Metric = No results :(


To assist in part with the above, in version 3.1 I changed the Stencil locale from English Australia to English United States. Hopefully the other suggestions above will get search working for you and as an example on my Windows 10 with Visio 2016 install, search is working for me.



See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


Twitter is my primary communication method and if you would like to discuss this project, follow me for updates (Including my Azure News bot) or just talk tech in general then add me to your follower list. Alternatively you can do the same via LinkedIn.

Version History


Version 3.9 - 08/11/2021

Updated the collection with the new services announced at Microsoft Ignite this month as below

Category Icon Status
AI Cognitive Services Language New
AI Machine Learning Studio Web Service (classic) Updated
AI Machine Learning Studio Web Service Plan (classic) Updated
AI Machine Learning Studio Workspace (classic) Updated
AI Machine Learning Updated
Application API Playground New
Application Chaos Experiment Target New
Application Chaos Experiment New
Application Chaos Studio New
Application CloudTest Account New
Application CloudTest Image New
Application Container App New
Application DICOM service New
Application FHIR Service New
Application Genomics Account Updated
Compute Azure Compute Gallery New
Compute Azure Edge Hardware Center New
Compute Capacity Reservation Group New
Compute VM Application Definition New
Compute VM Application Version New
Compute VM Image Definition New
Compute VM Image Version New
Data Time Series Insights Reference Data Set Updated
Data Video Analyzer for Media New
Deployment Azure DevOps Updated
Deployment Custom Template New
IoT IoT connector New
Management Azure Arc Private Link Scope New
Management Invoice New
Networking Network Function Manager – Device New
Networking Network Function Manager – Network Function New
Networking Network Function Manager – Vendor New
Networking Network Manager New
Security Confidential Ledger New


Version 3.8 - 09/10/2021

Updated double click behavior on each icon to open the text box editor as requested by @jikuja. Added new icons below.

Category Icon Status
AI Cognitive Services Communication Services New
Application Fluid Relay New
Compute Azure Edge Hardware Center New
Compute Capacity Reservation Group New
Compute Windows 365 New
Data Azure Integration Runtime New
Data Data Lake Storage Gen2 New
Data Integration Runtime New
Data Linked Integration Runtime New
Data Shared Integration Runtime New
Data Snowflake New
Data SSIS Integration Runtime New
Deployment 1ES New
Deployment 1ES CloudTest Account New
Deployment 1ES CloudTest Image New
Deployment 1ES Hosted Pool New
Deployment Bicep New
Deployment Custom Template New
Dynamics 365 Application Business Central New
Dynamics 365 Application Commerce New
Dynamics 365 Application Connected Store New
Dynamics 365 Application Core HR New
Dynamics 365 Application Customer Insights New
Dynamics 365 Application Customer Service New
Dynamics 365 Application Customer Service Insights New
Dynamics 365 Application Customer Voice New
Dynamics 365 Application Field Service New
Dynamics 365 Application Finance New
Dynamics 365 Application Finance and Operations New
Dynamics 365 Application Fraud Protection New
Dynamics 365 Application Intelligent Order Management New
Dynamics 365 Application Market Insights New
Dynamics 365 Application Marketing New
Dynamics 365 Application Product Insights New
Dynamics 365 Application Project Operations New
Dynamics 365 Application Project Service Automation New
Dynamics 365 Application Project Timesheet New
Dynamics 365 Application Return To School New
Dynamics 365 Application Return To Work New
Dynamics 365 Application Sales New
Dynamics 365 Application Sales Insights New
Dynamics 365 Application SCM Warehousing New
Dynamics 365 Application Supply Chain Management New
Dynamics 365 Application Sustainability Calculator New
Dynamics 365 Application Talent New
Dynamics 365 Application Talent Attract New
Dynamics 365 Application Talent Onboard New
Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 New
Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Guide New
Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Import Tool New
Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Layout New
Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Portal New
Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Product Visualise New
Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Remote Assist New
Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Voice Assistant New
Identity Azure AD B2B Updated
IoT IoT Connector New
Management Intelligent Recommendations Account New
Management Metrics Advisor New
Management Resource Management Private Link New
Management Update Management Center New
Networking Service Endpoint Updated
Office365 O365 - Dataverse New
Office365 O365 - Power App Virtual Agent New

Version 3.7 - 23/07/2021

Exciting update with this release. For a while I have been building my own set of Icons to represent workload services for infrastructure hosted anywhere. While not technically Azure specific I have utilised the same colouring and styling as per the Azure Icons to maintain consistency with designs especially with Hybrid hosting models.

I started by using previous generation per workload Visio stencils and using those as a design guide I built new icons in the Azure style. To maintain consistency I built a style guide as below so that the primary and secondary icon elements are always aligned, spaced and sized the same. This will be a huge ongoing addition to the icon family and to start off I included PKI, Exchange and a few other common services that would be depicted in a per-workload style design. These are located under the Workload category and I also included the sub component of the services to use for other icons too under the Workload-Services category. Reach out if you would like to see more of these icons. All designed in Visio of course :D


So if that was not enough for a release I also included a total of 100 new Icons as well as fixing the title of the Drawing resources stencil.

Category Icon Status
AI Cognitive Services Bot Web App New
AI Cognitive Services Bot Profile New
AI Cognitive Services Bot Test in Web Chat New
AI Cognitive Services Bot Channel New
Application Application Service Authentication New
Application Application Service Networking New
Application Application Service Quota New
Application Application Service Clone App New
Application Application Service Health check New
Application Application Service Advisor New
Application Application Service Console New
Application Application Service Deployment Slot New
Application Application Service MySQL In App New
Application Application Service Editor New
Application Application Service API definition New
Application Application Service log New
Application Application Service Event New
Application Application Service WebJob New
Application Application Service Log stream New
Application Application Service Process Explorer New
Deployment Export Template New
Management Application Insights Work Item New
Management Application Insights Application Map New
Management Application Insights Live Metrics New
Management Application Insights Failure New
Management Application Insights Performance New
Management Application Insights User New
Management Application Insights Session New
Management Application Insights Event New
Management Application Insights Funnel New
Management Application Insights User Flow New
Management Application Insights Retention New
Management Application Insights Cohort New
Management Application Insights Transaction Search New
Management Application Insights Continuous Export New
Management Certificate Configuration New
Management Certificate Auto Renew Setting New
Management Certificate Timeline New
Networking Application Gateway WAF Policy Setting New
Networking Application Gateway WAF Managed Rule New
Networking Application Gateway WAF Custom Rule New
Networking Application Gateway Rule New
Networking Application Gateway Configuration New
Networking Application Gateway Backend Pool New
Networking Application Gateway HTTP Setting New
Networking Application Gateway Listener New
Workload Email Server New
Workload Azure Active Directory Sync Primary New
Workload Exchange Edge Transport Server New
Workload Certification Authority Online Responder New
Workload Active Directory Federation Proxy New
Workload Azure File Sync Server New
Workload File Server New
Workload Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services New
Workload Active Directory Rights Management Server New
Workload Server Cluster New
Workload Database Server Generic New
Workload Database Server SQL New
Workload Web Server New
Workload Azure Active Directory Sync Standby New
Workload Proxy Server New
Workload Exchange Mailbox Server New
Workload Exchange Client Access Server New
Workload Exchange Hub Transport Server New
Workload Generic Email Server New
Workload FTP Server New
Workload Application Server New
Workload Active Directory Federation Services New
Workload Active Directory Domain Services New
Workload Enterprise Certification Authority Offline Root New
Workload Network Device Enrollment Service New
Workload Enterprise Certification Authority Subordinate New
Workload Enterprise Certification Authority Root New
Workload Certification Authority Standalone New
Workload Certificatation Authority Enrollment Web Service New
Workload Certification Authority Web Enrollment New
Workload Certification Authority Policy Web Service New
Workload Certification Authority New
Workload-Service Database Server SQL New
Workload-Service Application Server New
Workload-Service Database Server Generic New
Workload-Service Active Directory Rights Management Server New
Workload-Service Active Directory Federation Services New
Workload-Service File Server New
Workload-Service FTP Server New
Workload-Service Azure File Sync New
Workload-Service Exchange Mailbox Server New
Workload-Service Devices New
Workload-Service Proxy Server New
Workload-Service Active Directory Domain Services New
Workload-Service Certification Authority Subordinate New
Workload-Service Certification Authority Standalone New
Workload-Service Web Service New
Workload-Service Certification Authority Policy Web Service New
Workload-Service Certification Authority New
Workload-Service Azure Active Directory Sync Secondary New
Workload-Service Azure Active Directory Sync Primary New
Workload-Service Exchange Edge Transport Server New
Workload-Service Certification Authority Online Responder New
Workload-Service Active Directory Federation Proxy New

Version 3.6 - 28/05/2021

Large update with this release. 56 new or refreshed icons added bringing the collection up to 613 items (Minus drawing tools) I have also completely re-worked the Drawing tools. I Scripted a full extract of the Hex colour values for all icons and sorted them by occurrence, after that I designed a new colour pallet using the top 30 colours that are used across the board. This helps to keep visual consistency with colouring, As well as the colour pallet I did the same for gradients so there are now two pallets to chose from. I also took the most common colours and redrew the connection objects providing a line, arc, glow line, path based and angled connection objects in each colour as well as dashed line boxes as containers.


The Azure Icon, so I could not source an SVG of the new Azure Icon so I drew it from scratch but it was not perfect and I found an alignment issue with the bottom two horizontal lines that I corrected. I have since found other “SVG” sources of the Azure Icon but these are not vector images and I refuse to use bitmaps in my stencil.

Text Box positioning, a few updates ago I changed the Y positioning of the Text box to be 14mm below the center of the icon, this lined up the text box nicely with icons of a differing height. Unfortunately this change to position breaks the text box if you resize the icon so I reverted to a calculation based on the height of the icon.

Significant new Icons

Visual Studio and VS Code now have the new Fluent styling, as per the Azure Icon I had to draw these from scratch.

Azure Active Directory Sync hosts, these are based on an upcoming per workload stencil that I am working on that uses the same styling as Azure.

Full list of icon changes below:-

Category Icon Status
AI Cognitive Services Content Moderator Refreshed
AI Cognitive Services Data Collection Rule Refreshed
AI Cognitive Services Face Detection Refreshed
AI Cognitive Services Health Bot Refreshed
AI Cognitive Services QnA Maker Refreshed
AI Cognitive Services Speech Refreshed
Identity AADConnect Staged Rollout New
Identity Active Directory Domain Services Refreshed
Identity Active Directory Federation Proxy Refreshed
Identity Active Directory Federation Services Refreshed
Identity Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services New
Identity Authentication Context New
Identity Azure Active Directory Sync Primary New
Identity Azure Active Directory Sync Standby New
Identity Continuous Access Evaluation New
Identity Custom Control New
Identity Identity Governance New
Identity Terms of use New
Identity User Setting New
Identity VPN Connectivity Refreshed
IoT Built-in Endpoint New
IoT Certificate New
IoT Device New
IoT File Upload New
IoT Identity New
IoT Message Routing New
IoT Query Explorer New
Management Azure Monitor AKS Health New
Management Azure Monitor Azure Stack Health New
Management Azure Monitor Data Collection Rules New
Management Azure Monitor Data sources New
Management Azure Monitor Log Analytics Health New
Management Azure Monitor Service Bus Health New

Version 3.5 - 11/05/2021

Azure received an Icon rebranding! The new icon for Azure is here and until the community starts to use it in design and documentation I have included the old one and new one labelled Azure V1 and Azure V2. I also corrected a background issue with the PNG versions. Visio does not allow you to export a PNG file with no background so I had to get a little creative. This would not have been an issue for white background diagrams but in dark mode you would have had a white background box around the icon.

Version 3.4 - 27/04/2021

Icon refresh and new additions

Application - Static Web Folder, FTP, Event Grid Partner Topic and Event Grid Input Output

Compute - Server Farm

Deployment - Commit, Repository, Backlog and Confluent Organization

Generic - Warning

Identity - Azure Token, Azure Active Directory Verifiable Credential, Azure Active Directory Verifiable Credentials, Admin Consent, Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management and Collection

Iot - Custom Location

Management - Azure LightHouse Multi Tenancy, Datadog, Diagnostics

Storage - Data Box Gateway

Version 3.3 - 04/03/2021

It is that time of year again. Yes Microsoft Ignite just happened and as always new services were announced. The 2 major new items announced were "Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra" and the new Augmented Reality service "Azure Percept" as well as these 2 I updated or added 28 new icons. I also added 2 new containers to the drawing tools that I use for full architecture diagrams. I am looking into adding smart containers for core features such as Subscription, Resource Group and Virtual Network for the next release.

Version 3.2 - 13/02/2021

The first update for the year. Several new and refreshed icons and a new naming convention for the stencils. 10 days ago I reached 25,000 downloads and I thank everyone for supporting my project.

Version 3.1 - 05/12/2020

Likely to be the last version release for this very interesting year of 2020.

Search Fixes (See above) and added 5 new service icons (The icon for Azure Purview is my new favorite!)

Over the past year I have seen incremental changes to certain icons but not others. The team is doing an amazing job at converting to super modern gradiant shaded versions which look stunning. But some icons have not received a modern revamp.

This was a good opportunity to work through the set and start applying the same style and theme to some of the icons to make them consistent. Here is one example where I have taken the image on the right (User License Allocation) and updated it to match the modern style of other user type icons. This update has 23 new or refreshed icons bringing the total count up to 506 (Excluding drawing tools)


A few more examples (left original, right modern)


Version 3.0 - 14/10/2020

Major update with this release so we are now on version 3! I have added placeholder shape data in preparation for an Azure documentor script that I am working on, essentially this will open up the capability of enumerating resources in Azure and then drawing those resources in Visio and populating each shape with the relevant meta data for the resource. I have included basic fields at this stage that can be retrieved using get-azresource and then added to the shape via PowerShell

Fields included: -

  • ResourceID
  • Location
  • ResourceName
  • ResourceGroupName
  • ResourceType
  • Tags
  • SubscriptionID

Based on community feedback from a series of Twitter polls I posted a few months ago I have changed the default text format from dark blue to black

Also based on feedback you now have the option to use a single large stencil containing all 496 icons or you can use the category stencils for just networking, compute etc. I have placed all of the current versions at the root of the repo including categorized structured PNG and SVG versions

Added or refreshed 66 icons

Version 2.8 - 15/07/2020

Refreshed 19 icons and added new ones, welcome Office 365 to the collection. O365 services have been requested a few times so I am starting to add them into the Stencil. These icons are more difficult to convert as sourcing SVG versions is challenging so I have had to trace some bitmap versions by hand in my SVG editor.

Version 2.6 - 21/04/2020

I noticed that the Cosmos DB Icon had broken from a previous update and while fixing that I ended up reviewing and updating 96 icons! – I extended my icon collection passed the Azure Portal as even some of those icons are out of date.

Version 2.5 - 20/04/2020

New Icons and several icon refreshers, fixed the drawing boxes that were fixed to square shapes and not adjustable. Added a new Line drawing tool with a nice glow “A_GlowLine-1” – I am toying with Dark mode designs and this new line format really makes a design jump off the page in my opinion. Below are 2 examples of the same reference architecture



Version 2.4 - 21/02/2020

Added new drawing resources for number labels/boxes/lines and arrows. I have also included SVG and PNG versions of the icons after multiple requests, this was a challenge due to scaling but my script now builds the stencil, SVG and PNG versions of the icons.


Version 2.3 - 22/01/2020

Added new icons for Synapse and others, refreshed 19 updated icons. Big announcement here:-

SEARCH - I finally figured out how to add search metadata to each icon via PowerShell, for best results ensure that Visio search is set to OR keyword matching (Visio Options\Advanced\Show Shape Search Pane\Search for Any of the Words)


Version 2.2 - 05/11/2019

Welcome to the Icon family Azure Arc and Spring Cloud

Version 2.1 - 04/11/2019

This weekend I found another major icon update. 209 icons to be precise! - I have restructured the Repo as well, created a folder structure for archived versions as I felt the landing page was getting a bit cluttered. The latest version will always be at the root of the Repo with previous versions moving into the Archive folder

Version 2.0 - 22/10/2019

Over the past week I have noticed significant updates to key Azure Service Icons and in preparation for an expected announcement at Ignite this year I have re-designed my entire conversion process, previously I had to manually work on each icon to set the initial placement of the connection points and name them for scripted modification. I finally managed to figure out the PS syntax that the Visio COM.Application is expecting for inserting new connection point rows. My process is now automated taking SVG's from a directory and inserting them into my Master Stencil for processing. Recorded a quick video showing the automation into Visio

Now that I have a new automated process to build the stencil I re-worked every single icon and incorporated over 60 new icon styles that have been updated in the past week. Since this is a major change, I upped the version to 2.0

One key change here is that I renamed the connection points to North, East, West, South and SouthOfText as per the example below


I use this stencil for a suite of Azure Documentor scripts and using named connection points allows you to specify direction for connections easier

Version 1.6 - 8/10/2019

Corrected mis-coloured icons, thanks to Cédric De Loor for pointing that out

Added new icons

  1. Maintenance Configuration
  2. Azure Blockchain Service
  3. Azure Active Directory Identity Secure Score
  4. Cloud Simple Service
  5. Cloud Simple Node
  6. Cloud Simple Virtual Machine
  7. Azure Lighthouse Service Provider
  8. Peering
  9. Role
  10. Virtual Cluster
  11. Azure Active Directory Risk Detection
  12. Azure Active Directory Risky User
  13. Azure Active Directory Identity Protection
  14. Private Link
**Version 1.5 - 26/08/2019**

Major change with this release, initially I hand placed the four connection points for each icon and that was not perfect placement. I thought it would be easy to script modify the connection point position (like I did with the Text field in V-1.1) but it turns out that Visio does not name a connection point when you add it so I could not modify it through PowerShell. I added a new script process that allowed me to hand place the connection points and then name them 1-5 (I added a new connection point under the text field for easier south connections when there is data in the text field). Now that they are named, I can modify them when I build my stencil using my gold master. Example below: -

"$shape.CellsU("Connections.1.X").Formula = "Width*0.5"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.1.Y").Formula = "Height*1.1"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.2.X").Formula = "Width*-0.1"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.2.Y").Formula = "Height*0.5"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.3.X").Formula = "Width*1.1"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.3.Y").Formula = "Height*0.5"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.4.X").Formula = "Width*0.5"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.4.Y").Formula = "Height*-0.05"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.5.X").Formula = "Width*0.5"" "$shape.CellsU("Connections.5.Y").Formula = "Height*-0.6""

Added new icons

  • Dedicated Host
  • Dedicated Host Group
  • Azure Artifact
  • Azure Board
**Version 1.4 - 16/08/2019**

Started on the drawing resources, added a colour pallet for what I believe are the best mainly used colours in the stencil range. For fun I scripted an export of every Hex colour value that is being used and there are 88 total colours. Some are extremely close to each other so I selected the most common used colours and included them in the pallet. Added 3 connector styles and deciding on the remaining set. Ideas welcome! and lastly, re-worked the colour scheme on the Azure lighthouse icons.

Added new icons

  • SAP Hana
  • Virtual Machine Image Classic
  • Virtual Machine Image Version
  • Virtual Machine Image Definition
  • Virtual Machine Classic
  • Quickstart Center
  • Free Services
  • Help and Support
  • Recent
**Version 1.3 - 14/08/2019**

Added new Icons for storage account sub services, had to hand draw these as they did not appear to exist. Renamed Data brick to the correct name Databricks.

  • Azure Storage Blob
  • Azure Storage Queue
  • Azure Storage Table
**Version 1.2 - 03/08/2019**

Removed "Azure" prefix for some incorrectly named icons. Added new Icons

  • Azure LightHouse Projection
  • Azure LightHouse Management
  • Azure LightHouse Protection
  • Azure LightHouse RBAC
  • Azure Batch
  • Azure Batch Accounts
**Version 1.1 - 27/07/2019**

First major change, I realized that some of the text fields were not perfectly aligned so I rebuilt my PowerShell process to use dynamic values for the text field. Since the shapes differ in Height\Width my initial placement was slightly off due to distance from center. This placement is now relative to the bottom edge of the icon. I also inserted the name of the icon into the Text field for page drop as well and reformatted the text to a dark Blue. Final change was to add a subtle drop shadow to each icon as I feel they jump off the page with a small amount of depth.

Version 1.0 - 25/07/2019

Initial release of the stencil and bonus SVG and PNG versions. I built a conversion process that can re-colour each icon and these initial versions were made with a Blue and Grey scale pallet.