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- fix chamber-check round eject at low framerates
- fix wobbling gun at low framerates
- fix possible inaccurate gun mechanics
--- can slide move with safety on?
- randomize falling damage?
- indicator that cheat code is needed for slow motion
- indicator on screen that cheat code has been used
- investigate jump-higher-by-crouching, possibly add to help
- add "stop aiming to run" to help
- problem dropping two mags in the same place?
- inventory markers
- spawn empty mags on ground
- fix taser sound falloff
- "night vision" light? (small blue point light that follows camera)
- in-game help shows remapped keys
- background loading of new tiles
- occlusion culling
- new guns (maybe H&K USP Tactical, Beretta M9, Colt Detective Special?)
Really hard:
- Multiplayer?
Control ideas:
+ added flashlight
+ added S&W Model 10 revolver
+ added Glock 17 with auto mod
+ added option to bring guns closer to eye
+ added a small chance to disable robots with non-vital hits
+ fix sight picture for 1911 (sights should be level)
Options screen:
+ mouse sensitivity slider
+ mouse invert toggle
+ music/sfx/voice volume options
+ gun aim leeway options
+ brightness option
+ option for hold/toggle crouch
+ fix non-colliding floor in room 6
+ respawn button ( if stuck )
+ make hover bots louder?
+ fix problem running with gun holstered but aimed
+ disable gun/bullet/mag shadows
+ framerate cap?
+ make mouse cursor disappear when tabbing back into game
+ remove round from magazine (for combining etc)
+ menu correctly fades to black on start