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Bumps [eslint]( from 8.54.0 to 8.55.0.
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- dependency-name: eslint
  dependency-type: direct:development
  update-type: version-update:semver-minor

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>

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A GitHub Action to run the markdownlint-cli2 tool for linting Markdown/CommonMark files with markdownlint

markdownlint-cli2 has extensive support for configuring options and disabling or customizing markdownlint rules. See the markdownlint-cli2 README for more information. markdownlint includes a wide variety of rules for analyzing and improving Markdown content. See the markdownlint README for more information.


config (optional)

Path of a file to use for the base configuration object (defaults to none)

Equivalent to using the --config command-line option and passing the specified configuration file.

fix (optional)

Whether to fix supported issues automatically (any truthy value enables)

Equivalent to specifying the --fix command-line option.

globs (optional)

Glob expression(s) of files to lint (newline-delimited by default)

The default *.{md,markdown} lints all Markdown files in the base directory of a project.

For more detail: glob syntax in markdownlint-cli2.

separator (optional)

String to use as a separator for the globs input (defaults to newline)

Allows the globs input to use something other than \n to separate glob expressions.




To lint Markdown files in the base directory of a project:

- uses: DavidAnson/markdownlint-cli2-action@v14

To lint all Markdown files in a project:

- uses: DavidAnson/markdownlint-cli2-action@v14
    globs: '**/*.md'

To lint specific Markdown files in a project:

- uses: DavidAnson/markdownlint-cli2-action@v14
    globs: |

To use a custom separator:

- uses: DavidAnson/markdownlint-cli2-action@v14
    globs: ',,docs/*.md'
    separator: ','

To fix supported issues when linting:

- uses: DavidAnson/markdownlint-cli2-action@v14
    fix: true
    globs: '**/*.md'

To specify a custom configuration file:

- uses: DavidAnson/markdownlint-cli2-action@v14
    config: 'config/custom.markdownlint.jsonc'
    globs: '**/*.md'

To prevent linting issues from failing the workflow run:

- uses: DavidAnson/markdownlint-cli2-action@v14
  continue-on-error: true

See example.yml for a simple GitHub workflow that uses markdownlint-cli2-action.

See changed.yml for a GitHub workflow that lints only the Markdown files that changed in the most recent commit (useful for Pull Requests and/or gradually introducing linting rules to a new repository).