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MOPED example

A self-contained example program to test MOPED with ROS.

This program will publish a sequence of 10 test images and MOPED will process them.

Author: Alvaro Collet



Start ROS:
$ roscore

In a separate terminal:
$ roslaunch moped_example moped_example.launch

It will take a short time to load the program, then you should see some output like:

Found 10 objects
 Found rice_tuscan at [-0.255514 -0.0222469 0.684658] [0.408402 0.260994 0.680898 0.549062] with score 39.1931
 Found tomatosoup at [-0.00130296 -0.0444741 0.66978] [0.817685 0.228818 -0.125879 0.513018] with score 39.511
 Found juicebox_front at [0.157076 0.10395 0.615698] [0.41425 0.661457 -0.520787 0.345907] with score 48.6485

You can view the sequence of images in Rviz:
$ rosrun rviz rviz
then add a display of type "Image" for the topic "/moped/Image"

You can view the detected poses:
$ rostopic echo /camera_poses

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