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DBBasementController is a configurable and easy to use slide out menu.

Adding DBBasementController

You can add it to your project by copying the DBBasementController directory into your project.

You can also add it using Cocoapods:

pod "DBBasementController"

DBBasementController requires iOS 6.0 or greater.

Using DBBasementController

To use it initialize with both a menu and content view controller:

UIViewController *menuViewController = ...;
UIViewController *contentViewController = ...;
DBBasementController = *basementController = [[DBBasementController alloc] initWithMenuViewController:menuViewController contentViewController:contentViewController];

Your view controllers can access the menu via the basementController property.

#import "DBBasementController.h"
[self.basementController openMenuAnimated:YES];

Customizing DBBasementController

You can customize the appearance and behavior of the DBBasementController by passing a DBBasementOptions instance during initialization or by setting the options property at any point.

DBBasementOptions allows you to customize the all of the animations timings and options, as well aspects of the appearance including the sahdow and corner radius of the menu and content view controllers.

DBBasementOptions also allows you to set a CGAffineTransform that will be applied to the menuViewController's view when it is closed. This transform is animated as the menu is opened/closed.


DBBasementController provides a series of callbacks for your menu and content view controllers. Provide an implementation of any of these methods in your content or menu view controllers to receive the callbacks:

- (void)menuWillOpen;
- (void)menuDidOpen;
- (void)menuWillClose;
- (void)menuDidClose;

- (void)menuIsAnimatingOpen;
- (void)menuIsAnimatingClosed;

// This is called as the menu is dragged, percentOpen will be between 0 and 1
- (void)menuDidMove:(CGFloat)percentOpen; 

Sample Application

The sample application includes a simple implementation of the DBBasementController as well as controls to adjust many of the DBBasementOptions properties.