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A meteorite package for sending emails easily using Sendgrid
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Sendgrid for Meteor

A meteorite package for sending emails easily using Sendgrid.

Setup Sendgrid (if you haven't done so already)

  • Visit Sendgrid and create an account.
  • Navigate to Account Settings and look at the lower right corner for Manage Multiple User Credentials and click it.
  • Click Add New Credential
  • Create a name and a password (this will be your sendgrid username and password)
  • Select API and Mail checkboxes
  • Click Create Credential
  • Fill in the usage below.


in server/sendgrid_config.js add:

      username: 'YOUR_SENDGRID_USERNAME',
      password: 'YOUR_SENDGRID_PASSWORD'

Anywhere you want to send an email:

    to: '',
    from: '',
    subject: 'I really like sending emails with Sendgrid!',
    text: 'Sendgrid is totally awesome for sending emails!'

Special Thanks

Thanks go out to @scottmotte for his help in figuring out how to do this without using the NPM module.

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