@DavidBrenner3 DavidBrenner3 released this Apr 3, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

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What's new from 1.7:

  • fixed a bug with the detection of "MediaRegistry" section in the vbox file;
  • added a detection for processes having opened files on volumes from the USB drive.
    Each one is displayed along with the opened files. The user can choose from
    several actions ("Smart disconnect" recommended);
  • some other small bug fixes.

@DavidBrenner3 DavidBrenner3 released this Mar 13, 2018 · 112 commits to master since this release

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What's new from 1.6:

  • added "Use host I/O cache" and "VM Name >> Create New VM" to the VM configuration;
  • adapted to the last changes in VirtualBox;
  • added "Hotkey to start the current selected entry" and "QEMU >> Emulation bus type" in Options;
  • added "minimize/restore to/from tray"; when the main window is hidden it will show useful informations using balloon hints; also you can show/hide/close the main window when VB or QEMU are started;
  • now it scales much better for 125 and 150 DPI; partial implementation even for higher DPI;
  • if the first port in the VirtualBox storage controller is not free, it offers the user the possibility to shift up the other drives automatically;
  • older versions of QEMU compiled for 1 processor are set now to use multiple processors (few percents boost in speed);
  • now the Options window is tabbed so it will not be partially generated outside screen anymore (on computers with lower screen resolution);
  • added/replaced most of the icons (images for menus/buttons/tray and so on);
  • added support for VB VMs with 2 or more storage controllers;
  • if VBoxManage.exe is having problem(s) modifying the VM parameters, it will show more info to help the user debugging the problem(s);
  • it uses a more efficient function to wait for input from the started apps (VBoxManage, VirtualBox, QEMU and so on), so more CPU time will be available for these apps and they will perform a little faster;
  • a lot of other small improvements;
  • a few bugs solved.