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Stuff we share across our projects. It's like a toolbox but it smells good!
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At Dijiwan, we use JavaScript a lot, especially with node.js. We have common needs across our project, so we decided to package them, and make them available publicly.

A brief word of History While looking a name for this project, we asked to translate the word toolbox in Japanese to our japanese-speaking-guy (Guillaume).

As his answer dôgubako (道具箱) sounded like doggybag, we laughed and decided to call it as is. It's also a way to carry delicious stuff at home, or at work.

Extended forms

This component extends @caolan's forms, providing new features like Twitter Bootstrap templating, new useful validators and fields…

var forms = require('doggybag/forms');

var form = forms.create({
  "username": forms.fields.string({ required:true }),
  "gender":   forms.fields.string({ widget:forms.widgets.multipleCheckbox({}), choices:['M','F','X'], validators:[forms.validators.choices()] }),
  "avatar":   forms.fields.file({ help:"Less than 200K" })

See doc/ for more complete documentation.

Config loader

Based on @flatiron's nconf, this component will allow you to use a two-level file-based configuration: a "common" configuration, and some overrides depending on your environment.

// In your bootstrap
require('doggybag/config').add('myApp'); // loads config/myApp.json and config/myApp.production.json

// Later in your code
var key = require('doggybag/config').myApp.get('key');

See doc/ for more complete documentation.


Based on @flatiron's winston, this component acts as a thin wrapper to simply automatically configure several Logger instances and provide easy access to them.

// In your bootstrap
require('doggybag/logger').add('myApp'); // grab config from 'logging.json', key "myApp"

// Later in your code
var logger = require('doggybag/logger').myApp;

logger.warn('This may not occur');

See doc/ for more complete documentation.

Express CRUD

This component acts as an Express app builder you can use in your back-office. It uses doggybag/forms, and works natively with mongoose but could work with any type of data.

var crud = require('doggybag/crud');

var usersApp = crud.init({
  model: mongoose.model('User'),
  form: function (forms, cb) { cb(null, forms.create(…)) },
  listLocals: crud.helpers.defineLocals({table: "users/list_table"})

app.mount('/users', usersApp);

See doc/ for more complete documentation.

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