A sample application used in my presentations. Demonstrates how to use notifications
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Windows 8 demo - Toast notifications

A sample application I use at user group and conference talks. The source code demonstrates how to use toast notifications in your own applications. The samples have been kept as simple as possible to allow you to copy / paste the code.


If you plan on using toast notifications in your application, ensure that you set Toast Enabled in the application manifest.


Included in the source code are samples on how to:

  • Create a toast notification which displays text only
  • Create a toast notification which uses a local image
  • How to use the XML templates and modify them for your own use

Further samples

To get the XML required for other templates, download the official SDK sample, run the application, click the type of notification you would like, and take note of the outputted XML on the screen http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps/Toast-notifications-sample-52eeba29