Automatically generate all the required icons for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 7/8 marketplace applications.
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Windows Store Icon Maker

When creating applications for the Windows stores (RT & Phone), there are numerous icons that need to be created. This utility to help generate all the required icon sizes, including the scaled versions for higher DPI devices.


Compiled versions can be found under releases


  1. Drag and drop an image onto the workspace.
  2. Select the region of the image you want to crop
  3. Click Save to have the icons be generated

It is recommended to use an image that is at least 300x300 for best results.


  • Automatically generate icons for:
    • Windows Phone 7
    • Windows Phone 8
    • Windows Store Applications

###Generated icons Windows Phone 7

  • StoreTile.png (300x300)
  • BackgroundImage.png (173x173)
  • ApplicationIcon.png (62x62)

Windows Phone 8

  • ApplicationIcon.png (100x100)
  • FlipCycleTileLarge.png (691x336)
  • FlipCycleTileMedium.png (336x336)
  • FlipCycleTileSmall.png (159x159)
  • IconicTileMediumLarge.png (134x202)
  • IconicTileSmall.png (71x110)

Windows Store Application

  • Logo
    • Logo.scale-180.png (270x270)
    • Logo.scale-140.png (210x210)
    • Logo.scale-100.png (150x150)
    • Logo.scale-80.png (120x12)
  • SmallLogo
    • SmallLogo.scale-180.png (54x54)
    • SmallLogo.scale-140.png (42x42)
    • SmallLogo.scale-100.png (30x30)
    • SmallLogo.scale-80.png (24x24)
    • (256x256)
    • (48x48)
    • (32x32)
    • (16x16)
  • StoreLogo
    • StoreLogo.scale-180.png (90x90)
    • StoreLogo.scale-140.png (70x70)
    • StoreLogo.scale-100.png (50x50)


I develop and compile this using Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate. However if you are using Visual Studio Express to developer, there are reports that you can use Visual Studio Express 2012 for Desktop to compile it.


This utility is based off the original source code of Windows Phone Icons Maker by Hiroyuki Kawanishi. The source code had not been updated since September 2011, so I decided to fork it and update it to support the new platforms (WP7/WP8/WinRT).


The code is MS-PL as that is what the original source code was licensed as.