A demonstration project showing practices for writing enterprise grade api's in ASP.NET Core
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Building Enterprise Grade Web APIs in ASP.NET Core

This repository contains the slides and sample code from my talk "Building Enterprise Grade Web APIs in ASP.NET Core". The demonstration API is based food truck data, what what food trucks exist, where they will be when and reviews for the truck.

All of the data is fictional


The following is a list of required tooling if you want to download and run the examples:

  • ASP.NET Core 2.0
  • SQL Server 2016

You download both of these from the Microsoft Website. For SQL Server Express 2016, Scott Hanselman has a blog post with a direct link to the download that makes it much easier to find the actual download: downloadsqlserverexpress.com.

Note for SQL Server 2016 the database engine and management tools (SSMS) are separate downloads. I strongly suggest you make sure you also have the 2016 or later version of SSMS installed as well.

The code was developed in Visual Studio 2017. You can use Visual Studio or VS Code to look at the source code


I do continue to make updates to the code base and the talk, so you may want to check back here periodically to see what is changed

Talk History

I've given this talk at the following events:

  • New York City Code Camp - October 2017
  • Wisconsin .NET Users Group (Milwaukee) - January 2018
  • Chicago .NET Users Group - March 2018
  • Madison .NET Users Group - March 2018

The talk runs about an hour and 15 minutes. If you are interested in having me present at your User Group or Event, reach out to me on Twitter at @DavidCBerry13