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Vim CtrlP plugin to switch between opened tabs.



With the vim plugin CtrlP you can easily open a file or a buffer. This is a ctrlp.vim extension that allow you to switch between different opened tabs.


In order to use this plugin you need to have CtrlP installed.


If you use Vundle you can install this plugin adding this line:

Bundle 'DavidEGx/ctrlp-smarttabs'

to your .vimrc file and running the command:


In case you use pathogen as a plugin manager you can install it by running:

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle/
$ git clone

If you don't use any plugin manager I would strongly recommend you to have a look at Vundle or pathogen. If for any reason you don't want to use any plugin manager you can simple install this plugin by copying it to your ~/.vim folder:

$ wget -O
$ unzip -d ~/.vim
$ rm


Put this into your vimrc so the SmartTabs search will show up when you open CtrlP:

let g:ctrlp_extensions = ['smarttabs']

Other options:

let g:ctrlp_smarttabs_modify_tabline = 0
" If 1 will highlight the selected file in the tabline.
" (Default: 1)

let g:ctrlp_smarttabs_reverse = 0
" Reverse the order in which files are displayed.
" (Default: 1)

let g:ctrlp_smarttabs_exclude_quickfix = 1
" Exclude quickfix buffers.
" (Default: 0)

Basic Usage

You can see the list of opened tabs using :CtrlPSmartTabs, there you can select any opened tab and press enter to jump the opened tab. Alternatively it is possible to open CtrlP by pressing ctrlp and then reach SmartTabs pressing ctrlf repeatedly.

To use easily just add some mapping to your .vimrc:

" Just an example from my .vimrc
nnoremap <F3> :CtrlPSmartTabs<CR>
nnoremap <F4> :CtrlP<CR>

" or
nnoremap þ :CtrlPSmartTabs<CR> " Altgr+p to open SmartTabs
" 'þ' is equivalent to AltGr+p in my keyboard so this allow me to have ctrl+p and altgr+p for files a tabs

" or whatever mapping feels good


Copyright (C) 2013-2017 David Escribano Garcia. Distributed under GPLv3 license.