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Strata for Jekyll

A simple, responsive blog theme for the Jekyll static site generator using HTML5 UP's Strata design.


Browse the demo.

How to use

Quick start

If you just want to get a blog up & running at GitHub Pages then simply fork this repository to your own GitHub account and name the new repository <yourgithubusername> GitHub should then start hosting your site at http://<yourrgithubusername> If you'd like to use your own domain name you can follow GitHub's guide to using a custom domain.

Edit the _config.yml file and use the options available in the theme, as mentioned below in the features section, to customise your site.

I recommend Development Seed's awesome Prose editor to write your posts.

Local development

If you want to run and develop locally on your own computer then you'll need the Ruby programming language and Jekyll installed. The Jekyll website has a handy installation guide in their online documentation. Once installed, you can download or clone this repository and run bundle exec jekyll serve from the root.


Disqus comments

Disqus comments appear beneath posts. Add your Disqus website's shortname to _config.yml as disqus_shortname:. Leave disqus_shortname blank to disable comments completely or add disqus: disabled to a post's front matter to disable comments just for that page.

Open Graph (Facebook) and Twitter Card meta tags

All pages have Open Graph metadata added.

All pages have Twitter Card metadata, though this requires twitter_username: to be configured in _config.yml. Twitter Card titles are trunacted at 70 characters and descriptions at 200 characters as per Twitter requirements.

Both Open Graph and Twitter Cards can show images if you specify image: <image url> in a page's front matter.

RSS and Atom feeds

The last 10 posts are available in RSS and Atom format at rss.xml and atom.xml. Both feeds are linked to from every page's metadata. The feed icon in the footer is configurable by setting feed_icon: in _config.yml to rss or atom, or the property can be left blank to remove it completely.

Feed footer

A footer is added to every post in both the RSS and Atom feeds. This is configurable by editing _includes/feed-footer.html.


Based on David Ensinger's sitemap, supported front matter is:

  • sitemap.exclude: true for pages, post.published: false for posts
  • sitemap.lastmod (defaults to the post or page date)
  • sitemap.changefreq (defaults to monthly)
  • sitemap.priority (defaults to 0.5)

Footer social media links

Social media icon links in the footer are enabled by adding or removing values for the following sites in _config.yml.

  • Facebook - facebook_username:
  • Twitter - twitter_username:
  • LinkedIn - linkedin_username:
  • Instagram - instagram_username:
  • Pinterest - pinterest_username:
  • Flickr - flickr_username:
  • GitHub - github_username:

You can change the icon order and add more options by editing _includes/footer.html. I recommended a maximum number of 5 icons in total (including the feed icon).

Reading time

Reading time appears on post pages alongside the date and categories if the time is 1 minute or more, based on a reading rate of 180 words per minute (3 per second).


Pagination is set at 5 posts per page, this can be altered by changing the paginate: property in _config.yml

Next/Previous posts

The Next and Previous posts are displayed underneath every post (and Disqus comments if enabled) along with their excerpt.

Custom 404

If you host your site with GitHub Pages then a custom 404 page has been added (see

robots.txt and humans.txt

The theme includes a basic robots.txt file which allows all robots to crawl the entire site and directs them to the sitemap.xml file. There is also a humans.txt file giving credit to Myself (David Forster) and AJ, the designer of Strata.



Issues, Pull Requests, Tweets and Forks are all greatly appreciated!


The Jekyll theme is licensed under the MIT License

The Strata design is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


A blog theme for the Jekyll static site generator




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