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postgresql 9.4 script for centos 6.x64

For use on a clean CentOS 6.x64 box only.

This script installs:

  • postgresql94

  • postgresql94-devel

  • postgresql94-server

  • postgresql94-libs

  • postgresql94-contrib

  • postgresql94-plperl

  • postgresql94-plpython

  • postgresql94-pltcl

  • postgresql94-python

  • postgresql94-odbc

  • postgresql94-jdbc

  • perl-DBD-Pg

  • pgbouncer

  • Webmin

  • IP tables

The script also creates the following:

  • A minimally privilaged user (pgadmin)

  • Disables root log in

  • Sets IP tables

  • Configures Webmin for managing PostgreSQL

  • Installs a self-signed SSL

  • Updates pga_hba.conf to MD5 and SSL

  • Updates postgresql.conf for SSL.

  • You can change the SSH port as well as the user name to whatever you like. You can also add/remove packages.

  • Once completed, it will display the new passwords for pgadmin, root, postgres, and ssl as well as write them to an auth.txt file.


  1. Download the script to a clean CentOS 7.x64 box or use wget wget
  2. Make it executable chmod 755
  3. Execute it ./

Example Output at End of Script:

Passwords saved in /root/auth.txt

pg pass: DqVnavTlCXcSKfHprgUtjF-20rpfsKui

ssl pass: yxaQJCXgudTw19XEOMPdZzNd5n6rwVOG

pgadmin pass: A0RUHtPfSFC82mHeDP_ixrRavk7itgkE root pass: RvZDHkZv-AeQS-ce0Mcnif7GxmmJ-zxN