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Demos of Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs

This is a set of sample applications to demo how to call and use Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Demos are written in C# (as Console apps, UWP apps, and Windows 10 apps), client-side JavaScript, and node.js.

Demo List

Demo Platform / Language
AnalyzeImageDemo C# WPF
EmotionsDemo C# UWP
EmotionsInMOtion JavaScript
FaceDemo JavaScript
FaceApiProtectKeyDemo JavaScript / Web API
OcrDemo MVC / JavaScript
SentimentAnalysis JavaScript
SpeechToTextDemo C#
ThumbNailConsole C# Console App
VerifyFaceDemo JavaScript
Thumbnail-NodeDemo node.js
AnalyzeImage-NodeDemo node.js
ImageAnalysisConsoleAppDemo C# Console App
SpellCheck JavaScript