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Cognitive Services Demo



This demo calls the Face API, passing in an image containing at least one face and highlighting the following features of that face

  • Outline of face
  • Location of mouth
  • Location of nose
  • Location of each eye


The following steps are required to run this sample code:

  1. Sign up for an Azure account
  2. Create a Face API key
  3. Create the getkey.js file


Sign up for an Azure account

You will need to install node to run this sample. You can download and install node from here.

Create a Face API key

You will need to create an API key for the Cognitive Service. To do this, sign up for an Azure account at You can sign up for a Free Account.

Create the getkey.js file

To protect the API key, I did not check in the getkey.js file. You will need to create this file in the root folder. Add the following code to getkey.js

var getKey = function () {
    return 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is your API key.

### Run the sample.

To run the sample, open index.html in a web browser.
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