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Random 'Questions':
Q. What is it? 
A 'simple' wordpress plugin designed for recording which is the most popular page on a blog.

Q. How is is different from 101 plugins which also do this ?
A. It should record hits which are the result of the end user viewing a static cached page 
(e.g. via varnish or something like WPSuperCache or w3tc Total Cache).
A. It should perform vaguely well under load - namely :
 * each page hit does not result in a database update/write - hits are batched up over a 
   period of time and flushed in one go.
A. It only logs hits by 'real' browsers - or at least those with JS enabled.

The plugin requires you have caching turned on - we developed it with w3tc total cache; we
assume you'll be using memcached as a caching backend - and therefore there will be minimal I/O 

There is a wp-admin settings option to control the duration of this cache period.


0. This assumes Wordpress v3.3ish. The plugin should be compatible with PHP5.2 and above.

1. Put/copy the pp-most-read folder into wp-content/plugins/

2. Activate the plugin within the wp-admin control panel.

3. Include <?php echo ppmr_mostread(); ?> within your sidebar or where ever you want the 'top 10 list' to be.

Thanks to:
---------- for some inspiration

Original Author:
Steven Meyer <>

GPL v2 or greater.