phpVMS Module To Extract Touchdown Stats From The PIREPS Database
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Module to extract and display landing rates from your PIREPS table

Developed by:
simpilot - David Clark

A visible link to must be provided on any webpage utilizing this script for the license to be valid.

Developed on:
phpVMS 2.1.935
php 5.2.11
mysql 5.0.51
apache 2.2.11


-Download the attached package.
-unzip the package and place the files as structured in your root phpVMS install.

To show all the landing stats currently in the datbase create a link to

To show a limited number of stats from your database create a link to

The "10" can be changed to however many you would like to see

The most useful method of the data class would be to use


You can use these inside of one of your templates to bring back the data you want and display it as you wish.

An example to fill a variable with data for use in your template you can use

$this->set->('stats', TouchdownStatsData::get_stats('10'));

in your module to pass the data to the template within the $stats variable. Then in your template use the $stats variable to do what you wish with the display.

TouchDownStats Released under the following license: 
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License