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Simon zwacky
Former Head of Frontend at @justwatchcom. Co-organizer of @ionicberlin.


Chris Da Sie cjdsie

Chris Da Sie Designs Oakley, CA

Ben Edmunds benedmunds
🧠 staff engineer @wayfair 🎙 🐘PHP 6 Certified 📕 ⚠️ views are mine (sorry for how bad they are)

Boston, MA, USA

Dan Horrigan dhrrgn

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Eric Barnes ericlbarnes
Developer at HelpSpot and also run @laravelnews and @dotdevco

UserScape Gastonia, NC

Nabeel S. nabeelio
some compilation required


Phil Sturgeon philsturgeon
I make API Design tools @stoplightio, teach folks how to build APIs at @apisyouwonthate, and cycle from conference to conference.

@stoplightio Bristol

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