micro:bit master slave clock application using whaleysans
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micro:bit master slave clock application using whaleysans This clock application is designed to work across multiple micro:bits using the whaleysans font to display 2 digits per micro:bit. Inspired by and utilising code by David Whale [@whaleygeek] and M Atkinson [multiWingSpan.co.uk]

Uses uses a DS3231 RTC module connected via the microbits I2C port to provide an accuate time s/w will identify which microbit has the RTC connected and make that the master

micorbits auto configure bases on connections to P0-2, checked at reset only P0 taken high will display hours [ 24 hour clock ] P1 taken high will display minutes P0 & P1 taken low will display seconds P3 taken high will display scrolling time

All micro:bits work from the same code, and you have have as many as you want running at the same time but keep it to one master ! It can take up to a minute for all the micro:bits to sort themsleves out from startup

** updateing RTC time - now added

To set the RTC hold button A (on the micro:bit with the RTC connected) at reset until clock apears

  • use button a to advance hours
  • use button b to advance minutes Hold button a & b down at the same time to write the new time to the RTC