Python package to auto-generate bibliographies pulling the bibtex data from Inspire
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This Python 3 package provides two scripts, auxtobib and auxtoxml, which take a LaTeX .aux file as input. auxtobib fetches the bibtex entries for all the articles cited in the document from INSPIRE. auxtoxml return an XML file containing the titles of the articles.


To install the package in your home directory, execute the following command in the package's root directory,

pip3 install . --user


The script was tested with Python 3.4. It uses pyinspire, see


Given a LaTeX .aux file, simply execute

auxtobib paper.aux

and the bibtex entries will be printed to stdout. If you want to save them into a .bib file, simply use

auxtobib paper.aux > bibliography.bib

The script to generate an XML file works analogously,

auxtoxml paper.aux > bibliography.xml

The script blgtobib will fetch only bibtex entries which are not already in the .bib file associated with your project. It uses the bibtex log file associated with the LaTeX project. For example,

blgtobib paper.blg >> bibliography.bib

will append new entries to bibliography.bib.