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Scale-Free Online Learning

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This is LaTeX source for journal version of the paper Scale-Free Online Learning by Francesco Orabona and Dávid Pál. The paper will be submitted, to the journal Theoretical Computer Science published by Elsevier and is to be included as part of ALT 2015 special issue.

Conference version of the paper, titled Scale-Free Algorithms for Online Linear Optimization, was published in the Proceedings of Algorithmic Learning Theory 2015 (ALT), pages 287-301. A preprint version of the paper is available at arXiv.

According to the Elsevier's guide for "Theoretical Computer Science" journal, the paper must be formatted using elsarticle LaTeX style. The elsarticle package is publicly available from the CTAN repository together with its documentation. Elsevier has web page with LaTeX intructions where samples and other useful information can be found.

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