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My component of Wanu app
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My Wanu app components

Wanu is a progressive web app that I, and three of my classmates, have created for a Mohole school project.

Wanu is an app that replaces the menu and allows you to order and pay directly from the app.

I have took care of the Orders section and the News section, for the realization of the components I have used react, html and sass, whereas for the architecture of the app and for the all graphic elements we have used illustrator.

The font we have choose is Comfortaa, whereas for the logo we have choose Variada tf8.

Find the complete app here:


For the creation of the Orders section I have developed four components:

  • OrdersList.js
  • Total.js
  • Textarea.js
  • ButtonCS.js

I have imported the first three (OrdersList.js, Total.js and Textarea.js) into Orders.js and the last one (ButtonCS.js) in Textarea.js.

Below I put two example screenshot.

alt text alt text


For the creation of the News section I have only developed one component, namely Advise.js that I have imported in News.js.

Below I put an example screenshot.

alt text

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

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