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name : \dslivescript
version : \1.1.1-DS
description : 'LiveScript is a language which compiles to JavaScript. It has a straightforward mapping to JavaScript and allows you to write expressive code devoid of repetitive boilerplate. While LiveScript adds many features to assist in functional style programming, it also has many improvements for object oriented and imperative programming. DS LiveScript adds eventing operations, making observers first-class objects in the language.'
keywords :
author : 'David Souther <>'
homepage : ''
bugs : \
licenses :
type: \MIT, url: \
engines : node: '>= 0.8.0'
directories :
lib: \./lib
bin: \./bin
files :
main : \./lib/livescript
bin :
livescript: \./bin/livescript
lsc: \./bin/lsc
slake: \./bin/slake
pretest: "bin/slake build && bin/slake build:parser && bin/slake build"
test: "bin/slake test"
posttest: "git checkout -- lib"
preferGlobal: true
repository: type: \git, url: \git://
\prelude-ls : '>= 0.6.0'
jison : \0.2.1
\uglify-js : \1.3.3