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# create a mapping of state to abbreviation
states = {
Oregon: :OR,
Florida: :FL,
California: :CA,
'New York' => :NY,
Michigan: :MI
# create a basic set of states and some cities in them
cities = {
CA: 'San francisco',
MI: 'Detroit',
FL: 'Jacksonville'
cities[:NY] = 'New York'
cities[:OR] = 'Portland'
#puts out some cities
puts '-' * 10
puts "NY State has: ", cities[:NY]
puts "OR State has: ", cities[:OR]
#puts some states
puts '-' * 10
puts "Michigan's abbreviation is: ", states[:Michigan]
puts "Florida's abbreviation is: ", states[:Florida]
#do it by using the state then cities dict
puts '-' * 10
puts "Michigan has: ", cities[states[:Michigan]]
puts "Florida has: ", cities[states[:Florida]]
#puts every state abbreviation
puts '-' * 10
states.each{|state,abbrev| puts "%s is abbreviated %s" % [state,abbrev]}
#puts every city in state
puts '-' * 10
cities.each {|abbrev,city| puts "%s has the city %s" % [abbrev,city]}
#now do both at the same time
puts '-' * 10
states.each { |state,abbrev| puts "%s state is abbreviated %s and has city %s" % [state,abbrev,cities[abbrev]]}
puts '-' * 10
#if it's not there you get nil
state = states['Texas']
if not state
puts "Sorry, no Texas."
#get a city with a default value
city = cities['TX'] || 'Does not Exist'
puts "The city for the state 'TX' is: %s " % city
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