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name= 'Zed A. shaw'
age = 35 #he's old
height =74 # inches
weight = 180 # lbs
eyes = 'Blue'
teeth = 'White'
hair = 'Brown'
puts "Let's talk about %s." % name
puts "He's %d inches tall." % height
puts "He's %d pounds heavy." % weight
puts "That's kind of ok."
puts "He's got %s eyes and %s hair." % [eyes, hair]
puts "His teeth are usually %s depending on the coffee (LOL)." % teeth
#this line is tricky, try to get it exactly right
puts "If I add %d, %d, and %d I get %d." % [age, height, weight, age + height + weight]
#extra credit
#5 digit decimal, fill with zero if there are leading zeros
puts "%05d" % weight
#p is substituted for the result of sending #inspect to its argument
puts '%p =~ ""%.5s...' % [/[aeiou]/i, 'A slow, red fox']
# b= binnary o=octal x=hexadecimal
puts '2:%b, 8:%o, 16:%x' % [200,800,1600]
puts '%#010X' % [-54].*(3)
# e/E exponential notation
puts '%E' % -0.0000231
#FIXED point
puts "%f" %Math::PI
# G/g ether pixed or expotential
puts '%g %.G %g' % [9_000, 12e-8, -12000000000.5]