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puts "Mary had a little lamb."
puts "Its fleece was wite as %s." % 'snow'
puts "And everywhere that mary went."
puts "." * 10 # what'd that do?
end1 ="C"
end2 ="h"
end3 ="e"
end4 ="e"
end5 ="s"
end6 ="e"
end7 ="b"
end8 ="u"
end9 ="r"
end10 ="g"
end11 ="e"
end12 ="r"
#note how we are using print insted of puts where. change it to puts and see what happens
print end1 + end2+ end3+end4+end5+end6
print end7 + end8+ end9 + end10 + end11 + end12
#this just is polite use of the terminal, try removing it