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Carbo Life Calculator is an embodied carbon calculator for the built environment. The application transforms quantities of materials into embodied carbon. Carbo Life Calculator uses available embodied carbon data from EPDs or various databases and maps these to your design. Thus giving you almost instantaneous results.

Carbo Life Calc is a tool that offers users a free and open-source solution to calculate the embodied carbon of a building design. It's designed to link into Autodesk Revit. Making this tool freely available for all will be key in creating awareness in the built environment.

Upates as per 13.12.22
Carbo Life Calculator can now be accesses in Rhino Grasshopper (5,6 & 7), the popular visual programming platform for designers, architects, and engineers. With this compatibility, users can now integrate embodied carbon calculations into their Grasshopper workflow, allowing them to use it more seamlessly and efficiently. This new feature makes Carbo Life Calculator even more versatile and useful for a wide range of design and analysis tasks. We are excited to offer this compatibility and we believe it will be a valuable addition for our users who rely on Grasshopper for their work.

(build V1.0.0 01.07.21)

From Autodesk App Store:

For help and quick guide please see:
Help documentation (formatted pdf):

Quick 5m long demo:

Screenshots: alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text


  1. Increase database with more materials.
  2. Bug fixing (on-going, please supply feedback)
  3. Carbon sequestering calculator (Fun, but low priority)
  4. Project compare interface added graphs
  5. Import from Excel

Updates as per build V1.0.0 (01.07.21)

  1. Graph improvements
  2. File handling improvements
  3. Messages and other bits.

Updates as per build 28.04.2021

  1. Moved user materials to AppData Folder
  2. Fixed Save and Open
  3. Material Template can now be shared among multiple PCs
  4. Bugs
  5. Links to resources and additional information added

Updates as per build 14.04.2021 (Zip oply)

  1. Rounding error fixed in graph
  2. Moved user materials to AppData Folder (Test)

Updates as per build 29.03.2021

  1. Compare projects tab
  2. Update projects from Revit
  3. Improved graphics for overview
  4. Bug fixes
  5. Reduced file size when saving projects imported from Revit

Updates as per build 15.03.2021

  1. Installer
  2. Bugs in material editor
  3. Add a waste factor to group
  4. B4 now works per group as well as per material
  5. Improve material database
  6. Improve B1-B7 analysis
  7. Improve A5 calculation
  8. Improve C1-C4 calculation
  9. Reinforcement can be written into existing groups, in the material or as seperate elements

Updates as per build 24.02.2021

  1. Bugs in material editor
  2. Allowance to mix a material into another, for reinforcement or steel fixings in timber
  3. HTML Report exporter updated
  4. Export the entire project into excel
  5. Load materials from an on-line database, use material editor to save and sync to template & share online.

Updates as per build 19.02.2021

  1. Improved sync, including online sync options
  2. Direct access to material editor froun splash screen
  3. Material Mapping now possible

Updates as per build 09.02.2021

  1. Improved heatmap creator
  2. Ability to write total carbon into the elements
  3. Simple Syncronizing ability with the template added to the material editor
  4. Activate Revit addins within tool.

Updates as per build 29.11.2020:

  1. Metal deck uses convertion value, and will thus keep the elements associated with them.
  2. Heatmaps can now be normalized.

Updates as per build 25.11.2020:

  1. EPD import possibility, using a new menu to convert volume based data to mass based data used in CarboLifeCalc
  2. Feedback calculation results back into Revit to visualise the embodied carbon using a colour override.

alt text


A Quick-Action Carbon Whole Life Carbon Assessment calculator using Revit material quantities.








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