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IOT Home

The idea of this repo is to create a framework of some sort to easily add new sensors to my IOT network. You can see more info here, but the gist of it is:

  • Written in MicroPython (sensors) and Python3 (services)
  • Clients subscribe/publish to MQTT
  • A daemon on a real box converts this to whatever protocol necessary
  • You shouldn't need to write more than ~40 lines of code for your sensor
  • OTA updates included
  • Remote logging (simple messages sent via UDP)
  • The program flow is inspired by Arduino; setup followed by loop()
    • You have to set up your IRQ handlers during setup

Pushing an OTA update

Simply run ./server/ --target NIGHTLAMP firmware/ to push to the sensor NIGHTLAMP and reboot it.

Sensor data to grafana

This consists of a simple sensor ( that reads from a DHT22 every 60s and publishes temperature and humidity data. Then the mqtt-influx service is in charge of POSTing that data to InfluxDB.

Example sensor

The code for a sensor that:

  • Toggles a GPIO on button press
  • Sets the GPIO state on an incoming MQTT message
  • Publishes the button status (on change) to MQTT

is as trivial as:

def set_pin(pin, state):
    common.mqtt.publish(PUBTOPIC, str(pin()))

def sub_cb(topic, msg):
    if msg == b'1':
        set_pin(relay, True)
    elif msg == b'0':
        set_pin(relay, False)
        set_pin(relay, not relay())

def handle_button(pin):
    set_pin(relay, not relay())
    common.log('Someone pressed the button!')

def main():
    setup_fns = [ lambda: button.irq(handler=handle_button, trigger=Pin.IRQ_RISING),
                  lambda: led(1) # Turn off LED, it is inverted
    common.loop(CLIENT_ID, setup_fn=setup_fns, loop_fn=[], callback=sub_cb, subtopic=SUBTOPIC)



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