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This game requires you to click on the character Navi, to begin the game. After you click her a 30 second timer will start. You have that long to answer the first question. After, answering it will tell you if you were right or wrong and continue to the next question. If you fail to answer and time runs out, you will get a point towards unanswered. Once the 4 questions have been answered you will be taken to a results screen that will show you the amount of questions you got correct, incorrect, and unanswered. The game will reset to the original screen after clicking the unhappy Deku character. Have fun!


Access to github and the knowledge of how to git pull a repo and/or view/understand JS, CSS, and HTML.

Built With

  • JS
  • CSS
  • HTML



  • I'd like to thank Cam Kirk, Latisha McNeel, Carlos Molina, Thais Cailet, Chris Jones and Mohammed Hameed for all of their help.
  • Inspiration: getting the highest grade possible and actually understanding the work that I'm doing.
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