(Deprecated/Maintainer wanted) Atom Plugin for autocompleting react components & their props
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React autocompletion atom plugin

Autocomplete component names & prop types for any react component used in your project.

DX for the win!

🎥Demo Video


  • Component Name autocompletion
  • PropType autocompletion and inline documentation
  • your feature here!

Install Instructions

  1. Search for the atom-react-autocomplete package in Atom and install
  2. npm i react-autocomplete-cli --save-dev in your project root
  3. Create a .importjs.json file in your project root directory & specify your component paths. (See example below)
  4. in your project add generate: "rc-autocomplete" to your npm scripts
  5. Run npm run generate to generate the projects autocompletions
  6. Restart atom for it to source the completions file

completions.json file used by the atom plugin, you can .gitignore it or include for others using the atom plugin

Protip If you do commit the completions.json file to your project other devs on your team will not need to run the setup steps. They can just install the atom plugin and be off to the races.

.importjs.json example

  "lookupPaths": [

package.json example

// the `npm run generate` command will look at .importjs.json lookupPaths
"scripts": {
  "singlePath": "rc-autocomplete --src 'node_modules/react-toolbox/components/**/*.js'",
  "generate": "rc-autocomplete"

The CLI for this can be found here: https://github.com/DavidWells/react-autocomplete-cli


If you have completions.json generated in your projects root directory and autocompletions are not working, restart/refresh Atom and it should pickup the completions file.

How does this work?

React Docgen generates data that is parsed into readable tokens (completions.json) for consumption of the atom autocomplete+ provider (see lib/provider for how the provider works)

Configuration is the same as import-js https://github.com/Galooshi/import-js#configuration to enable future improvements and possible automated imports


  • Get this working as standalone CLI
  • Separate CLI from Atom plugin
  • Update autocomplete to support values of props
  • Make autocomplete output pluggable (custom prompts)
  • Make custom docs link pluggable
  • Generate output for sublime text
  • ... ?

About the autocompletion

The atom plugin uses the autocomplete-plus https://github.com/atom/autocomplete-plus/wiki/Provider-API


Thanks to atom https://github.com/atom/autocomplete-html/blob/master/lib/provider.coffee for the inspiration on building this

Also Props to: