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Simple script to upload files to Rackspace Cloud Files
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Simple Cloud Files Uploader

Python script to quickly upload files to Rackspace Cloud Files or OpenStack Swift. Originally developed to make one-liner uploads more manageable. Supports input via file arguments or standard input.


For the love of Guido, use virtualenv with whichever of the following methods you choose:


$ pip install cfupload


$ easy_install cfupload


$ git clone git://
$ cd Simple-Cloud-Files-Uploader
$ python install


usage: cfupload [-h] [-k <api key>] [-u <username>] [-a <auth_url>] [-s]
                [-o <filename>] [-q] [-c]
                container [files [files ...]]

Upload files to Rackspace Cloud Files or Openstack Swift.

positional arguments:
  container             Container name in Cloud Files or Openstack Swift
  files                 The file(s) to upload

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Cloud Files Connection Information:
  -k <api key>, --apikey <api key>
                        API key. Defaults to env[CLOUD_FILES_APIKEY]
  -u <username>, --user <username>
                        Username. Defaults to env[CLOUD_FILES_USERNAME]
  -a <auth_url>, --auth <auth_url>
                        Authentication endpoint. Defaults to
  -s, --snet            Use ServiceNet for connections

Output options:
  -o <filename>, --file <filename>
                        Destination filename in Cloud Files or Openstack Swift
  -q                    Silence output
  -c, --cdn             Print CDN URL to stdout


Each of these examples assume you have the environment variables CLOUD_FILES_AUTH_URL, CLOUD_FILES_USERNAME and CLOUD_FILES_APIKEY exported. Alternatively, you can pass the username, auth_url and API key in as options with -u,-a and -k, respectively.

Upload a single file

$ cfupload mycontainer ~/F4z2L.gif

Upload multiple files

$ cfupload gifs ~/Pictures/*.gif

Upload from stdin

$ tar cvzf - ~/important/* | cfupload -o backup-$(date '+%Y%m$d') backups

Pro Tips

  • Export environment variables CLOUD_FILES_{APIKEY,USERNAME,AUTH_URL} in your bash_profile to prevent the need to specify these options each time you run cfupload
  • A destination filename must be provided with -o when uploading from standard input
  • Pipe your files from standard input to make cronjob backups stupid easy: # mysqldump --all-databases | gzip -c | cfupload -o backup-$(date '+%Y%m%d').sql.gz container
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