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@DavidXanatos DavidXanatos released this Jun 24, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

known issues:

  • run as feature does not work

[0.0.9] - 2019-06-24


  • general system tab
  • process and system stats
  • job tab
  • add process pid picker dialog
  • add ras/vpn graph
  • process and threads are listed for 5 sec after termination
  • grid to all lists
  • service column to process tree
  • list colloring
  • context menu to services view
  • tools menu
  • scm permissions
  • processor affinity dialog
  • organized columns menu for the process tree in sub menus
  • added option to restart elevated
  • added graphs to process tree, CPU, Memory, IO/DiskIO, Network
  • linux style cpu usage i.e. 1 core = 100% so > 1 core -> > 100%
  • create service dialog
  • taskexplorer can now be started as service and listen for commands
  • option to start programs as TrustedInstaller without using a service
  • run as dialog


  • graphs can now be resized with a splitter
  • improved process tree sorting behavioure to be more like in process hacker
  • samba stats now using NetStatisticsGet instead of speculating on ETW events
  • improved global network traffic logging now using GetIfTable2 instead of ETW events
  • improved MMapIO display now it works as expected and disk IO got its own graph
  • all files list now works for non enevated users
  • driver tab now uses NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemModuleInformation to enumerate drivers


  • memory leak when running without unelevated and vieving all files list

check summs:

md5: 334f871c6ab83f027c2a7e89cbb8c5c5
sha1: fd19d01b83e58c17846c30a811df04060ac226a9
sha256: cb08fbd000cf91e650588055f09bb8f86da388ba0b4347ac4dc40b2988d18e4f

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