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This is a modern port of the classic 1982 text-mode game Snipes. The code has been reverse-engineered from the original DOS executable, and has 100% identical game logic.

For more information, see the forum thread.



SDL builds require the SDL2 and SDL2_ttf libraries.

On startup, the SDL build will attempt to load a custom font, which can be obtained separately from here.

With Visual Studio

  1. Copy config-sample.h to config.h (and edit as/if desired)
  2. Open and build the Visual Studio solution file (Sniper.sln). The Visual Studio project file has configurations targeting SDL and Windows console graphics.

With GNU Make

  1. (Optional) Copy config-sample.h to config.h, and edit as desired
  2. Run make to compile an SDL build.

For Arch Linux, you can use the snipes-git AUR package.

Replay recording

This version automatically records replay files of played games. By default, replay files are saved to the current directory, and have a .SnipesGame file extension.

To play back a replay file, pass it as the first argument to the game program, e.g.:

$ ./snipes "2016-07-08 09.10.11.SnipesGame"


As this is a reverse-engineered port, copyright is retained by the original authors of Snipes.

This reverse-engineered source code is released with the original authors' permission.


The classic 1982 text-mode game Snipes, ported from the original DOS executable with 100% identical game logic, with replay recording added



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